Kade Lawson

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ABOUT Kade Lawson

 My Name is Kade Lawson. I am 18 years old and a purple belt under the 11 x World Championship team, Alliance Jiu Jitsu. When I was 11 years old, I began my training with my instructor, Samuel Snow, and I immediately fell in love with the sport. After winning many competitions over a two-year period, I decided to take a break from Jiu Jitsu to learn how to play the guitar, chase girls, and wrestle for my school. During my freshman year, I returned to Jiu Jitsu and soon realized how important it was to me. Shortly thereafter, I decided I wanted to do Jiu Jitsu for the rest of my life. Training, coaching, and competing became my passions, as I grew hungrier to accomplish my goals. I trained each day, sometimes up five hours, and learned as much technique as possible. At 16, I was promoted to blue belt and began competing frequently. I won first place in many tournaments, including several IBJJF titles. In November 2016, I was promoted to the purple belt after taking gold in my weight and Absolute at the IBJJF NY Pro competition. My goal is to one day win a Pans/World Championship at a colored belt. In 2017, I plan on competing as much on the highest level belt.

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