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ABOUT Michael Perez

 My name is Michael Perez and I am a brown belt under Andre Galvao. I am a two-time No-Gi World Champion (2014 and 2015) in the heavyweight division. I have won multiple national titles and a Pan American title, both in No-Gi. I am also a North American ADCC Trials Winner in the 88 kg division, which led me to the 2015 ADCC Championships in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Recently, I received a bronze medal at the 2017 Pan American Championships in the middle heavyweight division. By the end of my grappling career, I aim to win the ADCC 88 kg division, as well as the Absolute division. Further, I aspire to win a black belt world title in the Gi, then progressing to MMA and becoming UFC champion. I have been training since 2008 and I love Jiu Jitsu!

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