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ABOUT Showtime Salazar

Jesus "Showtime" Salazar is the definition of "talent meets hard work". Newly crowned IBJJF Kids Pan Am Champion 2017 in Long Beach, CA, Showtime keeps pulling off victories against all odds due to his smaller frame in his age class. Showtime displayed a lot of maturity by being put on a big stage at IBJJF Kids Pan Am's and Fight to Win Pro Fight Card, events back to back, proving there is nothing that can stop him to walk hand in hand with his older brother Sebastian. Showtime has been doing BJJ for little over two years as he started back in January of 2015 at All American MMA and shows no signs of slowing down. He is a red belt in Taekwondo, and learned about Jiu Jitsu and fell in love with the sport since then. BJJ world should is so much better for this young man being a true representative of the sport. Everyone should get their front row tickets for the next match, cause you don't want to miss whatever this young man has up his sleeve. As well as his brother Sebastian he has participated in all local tournaments as well as out of state and other cities. This year Jesus had the honor to be a part of the Fight To Win Pro title match in Austin, TX and then later in the year was on the fight card for Texas Submission Hunter Super Fight with Garcia Promotions with a Win! Along with his brother Jesus is also part of his high school’s wrestling team as, is a coach at their gym and loves to teach, all with one goal in mind, become a world champion in the sport that he loves which is Jiu Jitsu! Both Sebastian and Jesus have amazing roles models in their life and hand in hand with their coaches Rocky Budri and Ivan Bozovic they will reach them.

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