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Type of Weaves In BJJ GI’s – Why you should buy Habrok Jiu Jitsu GI's

Type of Weaves In BJJ GI’s – Why you should buy Habrok Jiu Jitsu Gi's

 You can tell a lot about a fabric when you know the construction of the weave is used to construct it. The most common way to identify the Gi is by the grams, which is the over all weight of the fabric per square meter. Its essential for the over quality of the knitting process. It dictates the strength, quality and durability.

Next phase in the knitting process for any manufacturer is deciding on what kind of weave to use.


Single Weave:

Traditionally most Gi’s manufacturers will use single weave, since it’s the cheapest and easier cost effect weave to produce in bulk.


Pearl Weave: The most common form of weave used in BJJ industry. Its strong and very durable.  We use this technology in 3 categories 


Leve Series : Ultra Light Weight Leve Weave 

Tatica Series : Light Weight Pearl Weave excellent for Comps

Pugnator Series: Our High End Weave 


Dragon Weave : Exclusive Weave in production more updates to come.


However there is more to the process of producing fabric then the weight and the weave.  This phase is called “Grey Fabric” its raw and not been cured. Since at Habrok we manufacture our known GI’s and we understand our competition. Majority of the BJJ GI’s regardless of the brand does not go through a curing process beside bleaching to the final cut to the consumer.


What does this mean? To simply it “Weave” is only relevance if the “The grey Fabric” goes through the curing process, which end of the day dictates the over all strength, durability and shrinake and quality of the Gi.

Do you ever wonder why your $$$ GI JUST SHRUNK? Well its because its “The Grey Fabric” at Habrok, our Gi’s goes through additional steps to make sure our Final Fabric is cured, sanforzied, Pre Shrunk Twice and Bleached twice along with other exclusive process that we have mastered over the course of time.

Checkout our Technology pageto learn more about what makes HABROK difference from other Brands.