Vertically Integrated Gi Brand: A First in the World of Jiu-Jitsu

As most BJJ practitioners know, the vast majority of the gis in the world are produced in Pakistan. This is not only because of the rich textile manufacturing industry that exists there, but also because of the domestic sourcing of super high quality - and low cost - cotton crops. Over the past decades, this all came together resulting in a bonafide manufacturing centre for jiu-jitsu gis - and sporting goods in general - in Pakistan.

But there has always been a disconnect between the manufacturers (who in large part don't necessarily understand the world of jiu-jitsu) and the jiu-jitsu industry brands (who have an intimate understanding of the jiu-jitsu community and the needs of the athletes). Until now, there has never been a truly vertically integrated gi brand in jiu-jitsu.

Enter: Habrok Sports. This new brand that has just made it's debut is the result of a four-generation family manufacturing business in Pakistan, and three American-raised brothers that make up its forth generation, who have taken over their family's factory activities back home while developing their very own brand for the jiu-jitsu community. With years of specialized manufacturing experience, Habrok is poised to bring a certain expertise to their new brand offering that no other brand has been able to integrate. Their product development process is lengthy and scrutinizing, and the direct nature of their information flow - from consumer to factory and back - is unprecedented, allowing for the highest level of perfectionism.

We're looking forward to seeing what Habrok has in store.

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