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XT 2.0 | Head Guard | Green | Habrok | MMA | Boxing | Muay Thai

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XT 2.0 | Head Guard | Green | Habrok | MMA | Boxing | Muay Thai

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Technical Features

XT 2.0 | Head Guard | Habrok | MMA | Boxing | Muay Thai

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  •  S-Tech Synthetic leather – Stitched to perfection with finesse unparalleled in the HeadGuard.
  • High-Density Machine Injected Mold made with our proprietary X-Tech foam guarantees light yet sturdy Head Gear.
  • Optimized impact management
  • Handmade & Ergonomic fit

Habrok offers a wide range of boxing products and uses top-notch materials and innovative methods. This head guard XT 2.0 also is one of their well-designed items with the best quality. The best part is, you can find it in two sizes. So, pick the one that suits you. Not to mention, the blue color and black color helmets will surely impress you.

The design is amazing and eye-catching. Habrok has made it possible to make head guards with excellent looks as well as great features. This is why now you can maintain the personality in the ring while aggressively playing your game.

Apart from its appearance, XT 2.0 has incorporated the best techniques to create this beauty. Because of this helmet, it is impossible for your enemy to hurt your head or cause a head injury. The head guard is also highly durable and robust. Besides that, you will not complain about any wear and tear. There is much more you need to understand about the Habrok XT 2.0 head shield. Read further to get an idea.


As we have already mentioned, this head guard is a combination of several modern techniques and methods. Habrok has used S-tech synthetic leather in this head shield and stitched it perfectly to cover all the parts. Additionally, they have used high-density machine mold technology. The mold comes from the X-Tech foam, which guarantees you lightweight and optimal performance.

Like all the other products, Habrok has taken care of ergonomics when designing this head guard. This helps you get maximum flexibility and comfort while wearing it. It also helps the helmet to get a proper curve fit. Thanks to innovative technologies, it has no-edge, which can cause injury.


As Habrok has used several innovative processes and techniques to create this boxing head protection, it surely has several features to offer you. 

Moreover, you will also take advantage of its fresh vent once you purchase one. Because of it, your head will get a continuous flow of air, which will also dry out your sweat. This Habrok XT also delivers optimal protection from sudden and harsh punches or force. It helps you secure your vision, which is a major concern of every boxer. Hence, you can protect your eyes and head as well as can easily wear it without feeling discomfort or pain.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, this head guard allows you to fight with your opponent without worrying about getting hurt on the eyes and head. It ensures your protection while giving you optimal control of your game. So, if you want a head guard with a range of features, you should purchase head guard XT 2.0.


Technical Features
  • H-Tech Synthetic leather – Stitched to perfection with finesse unparalleled in the Head Guard.
  • High-Density Machine Injected Mold made with our proprietary X-Tech foam guarantees light yet sturdy Head Gear.
  • Optimized impact management
  • Zero – Edge Technology: Straps are edged off to avoid any sharp or pointy exposures.
  • Handmade & Ergonomic fit
  • Anti Bacterial