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About US

The journey began in the 1920s with the great grandfather, who started the manufacturing of sporting goods equipment and gear in South Asia and became one of the best manufacturing companies in Pakistan. Over four generations the company continued to grow into one of the leading sporting goods manufacturers. In 1999, 3 brothers moved to the United States with their parents. These 3 brothers relaunched and revamped the company in 2016 launching it in the United States as Habrok Inc. which derives from Norse Mythology which means "best of hawks" representing the best of things. With this history, it has helped mold this company into an ideology promoting dedication, desire to succeed and drive.


    That is what Habrok aims to be with the latest technologies, designs and ensuring the gear is created at top quality. Habrok creates the gear from beginning to end. We are a part of the knitting of the fabric in our factories, the designs of our products and the distribution and customer service. Habrok is there every step of the way to ensure you are always receiving products that meet our excellent standards.


  Habrok is dedicated to supporting the dreams of athletes everywhere through quality affordable gear so you can focus on your journey. 


 Passion That Drives

  "When the truth has no burning, then it is philosophy, when it gets burning from the heat, it becomes a passion."


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