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Pro Focus | Kick Pad | Muay Thai | MMA | Habrok

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Pro Focus | Kick Pad | Muay Thai | MMA | Habrok

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Pro Focus | Kick Pad | Habrok | MMA | MUAY THAI | KICK BOXING


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  •  X-Tech Synthetic leather –Stitched to perfection with finesse unparalleled in the boxing glove.
  • Optimized impact management
  • Zero – Edge Technology: Straps are edged off to avoid any sharp or pointy exposures.
  • Total Wrist Support: Reinforced seams & Large Velcro closure for precise fit and support.
  • Curved design for proper form and to endure heavy blows
  • High Density Foam structure to cushion and disperse shock

If you are looking for Kick Pads or Muay Thai training that can endure ruthless sparring sessions. Look no further. This curved and padded Thai pad will provide you the perfect protection. It caters to all the striking needs during the training sessions. This pad will keep you and your partner safe while increasing and sharpening your over all game.

Pro Focus | Kick Pad | Muay Thai | MMA | Habrok

Pro Focus | Kick Pad | Muay Thai | MMA | Habrok

$ 109.99 $ 79.99