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Performance Rash Guard | Women

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Performance Rash Guard | Women



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The all-rounder Habrok Sports rash guard, ‘Performance’, is our best-selling rash guard that offers amazing quality at an affordable price. Whether you prefer to train with no Gi, or just want some added protection under your Jiu Jitsu Gi, the Performance Rash Guard makes for an ideal addition to any kit.
The Performance Rash Guard is made to offer a comfortable fit that gives fighters a boost of endurance during training and fights. It’s constructed from high-quality synthetic material, 100% polyester, which offers immense flexibility so you have a greater range of motion and can practice special techniques. It’s also unbelievably lightweight so you don’t feel weighed down and have an increased range of mobility that is unattainable with natural fabrics.
The fitting helps to retain temperature, a useful feature that heightens muscle function. Also, the Habrok Sports’ Performance Compression works a great deal to reduce recovery times so you spend more time on your feet than on the floor. It’s breathable at the same time, so as to prevent moisture accumulation, as well as overheating. The attractive design is made using a flatlock stitch and reinforced seams so you are getting a long-lasting quality in a durable rash guard.
• Suitable for under-Gi or no-Gi training
• Protects against mat burn
• Comfortable fitting that retains body temperature
• Made from 100% polyester
• The flexible material offers an enhanced range of motion
• Lightweight design allows increased mobility
• Performance Compression reduces recovery times
• Breathability prevents moisture accumulation
Order your Performance Rash Guard today, and get the perfect companion to accompany you in every match