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Pugnator | Compression Pants | Women

Compression Pants


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Core Mapping Technology - Focuses on targeted muscles groups to help maintain posture awareness for balance. Provides support to work with/against the power of gravity & movement during training and competition.


With the release of our most recent collection, Pugnator, comes our most awaited spats. These are fitted with Habrok exclusive CoolPearl Compression Technology. This advanced compression provides better endurance and performance while fighting and training. The formula reduces recovery times by retaining body temperatures, so you can spend more time on your feet.

Elastic waistband allows for a tailored fit without the need for hassle-some drawstrings. The seams feature a flatlock stitch so you can train without worries or tears and rips. Made from 100% synthetic material, Habrok  Pugnator Spats are flexible and allow you to practice complex maneuvers and a greater range of motion.

Lightweight fabric gives you swift mobility without feeling weighed down, while the CoolPearl moisture-wicking features prevent against microbial threats because of how it eliminates sweat accumulation. AirFlo makes the fabric breathable and allows your body to retain temperature without overheating. There’s also the Habrok signature panel for a hint of timeless style that you can sport in the ring.

  • Made using CoolPearl Compression Technology for maximum endurance
  • Reduces recovery time with softer compression and temperature retaining abilities
  • Elastic waistband for a comfortable fit; no need for drawstrings
  • The stretchable synthetic material allows a greater range of motion
  • Lightweight fabric offers greater mobility
  • Moisture-wicking CoolPearl Technology prevents sweat accumulation
  • AirFlo makes the fabric breathable and eliminates a humid environment, which is ideal for bacterial growth
  • Signature Habrok panels make it a stylish pair of compression spats