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Transform 2.0 | Combat Shorts



MMA & Grappling Shorts

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After we released a pair of awesome grappling shorts, Habrok got a number of requests asking for a new pair with advanced features. Each pair of these all-new grappling shorts undergoes testing before we supply them to you. These shorts are specifically for fighters that prefer to train without a Jiu-Jitsu Gi.

By keeping complex techniques in mind, we were able to improve these shorts by making them more flexible so they can permit a wider range of movement and mobility. We also thought about how no-Gi fighters need a boost to their performance, which is why these offer quick and swift action.

The comfortable waistband has a Velcro strap for good fit hat you can adjust based on your preference. This time around, we’ve designed the slits to be higher and wider, so you can move unrestrictedly. These are complete with Habrok design panels that don’t peel or scratch off due to excessive use. Made from polyester, these shorts boast greater durability than their cotton-only counterparts while the Lycra lining prevents chafing and harsh rashes. The waterproof fabric dries easily after washing, so you won’t have any trouble keeping them clean.

  • Exclusive new short cut: increased mobility
  • Thoroughly tried and tested before being stocked.
  • Designed for no-Gi fighters to train comfortably.
  • The polyester material is best to allow more flexibility for complex techniques.
  • Lightweight construction for swift mobility.
  • Locking system with a non-abrasive Velcro.
  • Soft lycra inner lining prevents chafing and rashes.
  • Reinforced seams: extended life.