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Transform 2.5 | Compression Pants | Women

Compression Pants


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If you are a BJJ enthusiast and looking to buy a high-quality rashguard, we have the right product for you.  The Habrok Sports 2.0 Spats outdoes all other alternatives with its superior design and classic appearance. Designed to withstand the hardest training conditions, our 2.0 Spats are made of high-grade synthetic materials for unmatched durability and performance.  With its exceptional flatlock stitching, the 2.0 Spatsare immune to rips and tears so you can keep on doing your best.  

Its fitted design offers optimal muscle function so you can spend more time on your feet than on the ground. Not only do our 2.0 Spats have rigorous functionality, they’re also incredibly comfortable.  Aside from increasing endurance, the 2.0 Spats also have moisture-wicking capabilities that keep your skin from accumulating moisture and inhabiting bacteria. This also means that your 2.0 Spats will dry quickly, making them readily available for your next training session.

The synthetic material construction makes them lightweight so you have better mobility. In addition, they’re also flexible so you have a better range of movement to practice advanced techniques. Not to mention, it’s hard to beat these spats when it comes to style and looks.

  • The innovative product is the best fusion of performance and elegance
  • It gives an ultimate experience and comfort to the user
  • These BJJ Spats are made from synthetic fabric for lightweight mobility, durability, and flexibility
  • The high-grade material allows it to withstand tough training and stress areas
  • Flexible construction for unrestricted movement
  • Flatlock stitching and sophisticated designs
  • Fitted design for better endurance