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GEN 1.0 | Focus Punching Mitts | Pair | Matte Black | Habrok | MMA

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Matte Black
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GEN 1.0 | Focus Punching Mitts | Pair | Matte Black | Habrok | MMA

Matte Black

Technical Features

Gen 1.0 | Habrok | MMA | MUAY THAI | KICK BOXING


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Habrok Gen 1.0 Focus Pads are designed to help improve your accuracy, striking speed and power. Ideal for speed & combo drills, these kick pads are made with high density foam for ultimate absorbent and protective boxing striking. The ultimate choice for sparring. Focus pads offer a shock absorbent that will not compromise the safety of your hands or wrist. 

Technical Features
  •  X-Tech Synthetic leather –Stitched to perfection with finesse unparalleled in the boxing glove.
  • Optimized impact management
  • Zero – Edge Technology: Straps are edged off to avoid any sharp or pointy exposures.
  • Total Wrist Support: Reinforced seams & Large Velcro closure for precise fit and support.
  • Curved design for proper form and to endure heavy blows
  • High Density Foam structure to cushion and disperse shock